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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wishing for a Little Luck

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. I salute you with my coffee cup.

Spending my evening looking for another gallery in my area to get into but finding road blocks at nearly every turn. Mind you, I LOVE being a member of Blue Moon Gallery but I wanted to try to find a second location just so that I could spread out a little. Unfortunately a couple of good galleries requires a yearly membership (one requiring at least $65 for a single year). Wait.. let me get this straight. I have to PAY for you to show my work AND you get a portion of the money if it sells? I'm sorry but as a self employed artist, that just seems like a lot of money out of pocket for a year (technically less then a year now). Personally it seems that the only ones who are able to be in such galleries is either one of two types of people:
1) Someone who has a good paying job to help cover the cost of supplies, framing (if your work needs to be framed), and the cost of membership OR 2) Someone who is retired, well established, already known on in a broad circle.
That pretty much counts me out on both counts since my art is my job and I'm still considered fairly young in the eyes of the art world. As far as being known, my social network circle has been slowly growing and spreading out over the past years with participating in the art shows that the DeviantSAC group that I'm a part of and entering work into the yearly KVIE Art Auction for the past 4 years. Of course this really doesn't seem to mean much to some who want more reasons why they should choose me and my work which honestly just adds to the amount of frustration I feel in this hunt. Still going to keep looking though and keeping my options open.

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