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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enter Mini Filing Cabinet

HUZZAH! I'm thrilled that my order from ThinkGeek.com came in today. What pray-tell did I get? A mini filing cabinet (so I finally have a place to store the business cards I constantly recieve instead of having them in piles here and there around my bedroom and office area) and a coffee mug with the caffiene molecule on it. Took some time to put the stack of business cards that I had on my desk away so that I could go ahead and keep things organized. Looking forward to using my new coffee cup!

Even the box just cracks me up for some unknown reason. I also apologize for the crappy photo quality of the shots. Had to use my older camera because the battery died for my main camera and I can't seem to find the charger for it at the moment.

Alright enough gleeing over the mini filing cabinet. I'm returning to working on paintings for DeviantSAC group and a client's commission. 

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