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Monday, March 5, 2012

Technology Troll Face


How I love you when you work.

Dear god how I hate you when you decide to troll me and put huge delays in my work.

Let me tell you of my little mishap which has taken me away from my work today. The Kaspersky program (an anti-virus program for the computer) was on the verge of running out and I needed to install the updated version. I had let my boyfriend install it on his computer first since his had run out yesterday and today was the last day for mine. He goes ahead and puts the program on his with absolutely no problem. Oh joy! It's my turn! And that's where everything went wrong.

I let him go forth and put the program on my laptop. Everything seemed to be going along fine... UNTIL.. I'm sure that everyone is well aware with such programs, it is customary for it to restart the computer to make sure that everything was installed properly. Oh it tried to restart then decided "I shall screw up your entire day by not letting you log in and not tell you what the problem is". After several attempts to get the computer (which now has a HUGE troll face) to start, I tossed my hands into the air and took it to Best Buy to have them figure out what was going on.

After my bit of drama, I realized what the problem probably was. Unlike most program updates which go ahead and re-write an older version of itself, Kaspersky forces you to uninstall first BEFORE it allows you to install the new version. Since it worked fine on my boyfriend's computer, due to the fact that the older version had already run out, we didn't think that it would be a problem. Oh how wrong we were.

Luckily my father had brought home a new laptop earlier in the week so thought "Oh good! While my laptop's in the shop, I still have a way to do my work!"  The entire time I was plucking the laptop out of its box and peeling it out of the packaging, I felt so dirty as if I was de-virginizing this brand new piece of equipment. And just like all virgins, there were strange little quirks that I discovered that I had to deal with to get it to work. Unlike most laptops I've worked on, the power supply does not hook up in the back or the USB ports on the right side. No.. the power supply, USB ports and Ethernet hook up is ALL on the left side of the laptop. Why? I have absolutely no clue. Perhaps the developers thought that it would be a great way to screw with consumers.

At least now I can get some work done today.

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