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Monday, March 5, 2012

Possible future project & strange requests

I admit that I have a growing list of projects that I want to do in the (near) future which includes creating a tarot.

[Insert foaming-at-mouth envy towards Shadowscapes Tarot (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law), The Archeon Tarot (Timothy Lantz), & China Tarot (Der Jen) for their beautiful decks]

I have had several people off and on ask me when I'm going to actually go release one for purchase and I keep letting them know that I eventually well. But seriously, that is 78 pieces of art I would have to come up with (79 if you include the design on the back of the card). It's no wonder it took Stephanie and Tim about 2 years to compile their work for their decks.

Within the past week, the subject of tarot decks with my art plastered on the hard card stock for people to look at and go "Ooooo" came up yet again. Even with all of that, I wasn't thinking about such things when I posted on my Facebook account a picture of some designs I was having available for pre-order based off of some older designs I had done.

One of my friends who I was having the earlier conversation with commented mear minutes after my posting "The Chariot, The World and The Page of Wands? ;) I like them a lot." I didn't even think of it until she mentioned it. Now I'm going to be paranoid of my other designs. In the same listing of comments for the picture, another friend informs me that I need to make a coloring book. A coloring book? Admitidly not the strangest suggestion I've recieved over the years (one of the oddest being that I was suggested to do a book of erotic art or pictures for a copy of the Karma sutra) but I find myself visualizing my drawings molding a person's mind as if it was a blob of clay. 

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