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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bookmarks verses Creativity

As a continuation of my entry from the wee hours of this morning, wanted to do a follow up. Since I've had a few people asking me to post some work-in-progress shots of what I am working on, thought I should do a bit of a tease and show the rough draft designs for grouping three of the bookmarks.

I'll probably add a bit more detail to each of them as I start working on the final designs for them but as far as how they look as rough drafts, I'm pretty happy with them. Actually the idea for the first three came relatively quickly but that fourth one had been tormenting me for a good 3 days before I finally decided on doing a mermaid. Not too sure how many would want it though so I will probably go ahead and pose the question to my Facebook crew.

Now the next question I'm going to need to ask myself is after inking these, do I want to add color? Ugh why do I keep giving myself more and more work when it comes to something so small?

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