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Friday, March 23, 2012

WiP: Family Zodiacs (part 2-finish)

I'm happy to announce that I am finally finished with my friend's commission! As I had stated in WiP: Family Zodiac (part 1), this piece has a lot of special meaning for both me and the ones who had requested it. Also wanted to continue with the progress shots so that those who were wanting to see it from start and finish can see what happened since the last set of photos I had shared.

Start focusing on shading of the hair and skin. 

Working on shading and colors for all elements. 

Using salt technique on the background after applying another color wash to it for added texture.

Start finalizing the colors.

Use eraser on sections that have masking fluid, faint pencil outline to help make things stand out a little better, sign name, fight with scanner.