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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coffee Review: Hills Bros. OB Med. Roast

Had taken a small break from working and hurried to the store in the rain today to grab something for lunch when I realized I have only about an inch layer of ground coffee in the tin I have sitting on my desk next to my coffee pot. I was completely surprised at the current prices of the various main stream coffee brands. I'm sorry but close to $15 for a 33.9OZ (961g) tin of coffee?! Even the generic Sunny Select: Classic Roast ground coffee (which I have on my desk at the moment) is now up to $10.99. I was so horrified. My decision? Go for a brand that I've never tried which happens to be on sale.

Here's the what I picked up: A 26OZ(1 LB 10OZ) tin of Hill Bros. Original Blend Medium Roast coffee for only $5.98! Price compared to the amount of coffee, it was much lower then other brands at the same size which is a complete win since I'm a self employed artist on a budget. I was surprised that when I opened up the tin to try out a pot of the stuff that it's aroma was rather mild. Brewing up a pot, the flavor not as strong as I had expected which was nice since I've had some medium roast types which would be closer to a dark roast. Overall it's actually something that I would consider picking up again in the future. 

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