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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coffee Review: Gevalia Kaffe Trad. Roast

Returning from a long day of meeting with folks (both customers and potential contacts for future business), I discover sitting on my desk a 12OZ (340g) bag of Gevalia Kaffee Traditional Roast Medium Ground. Surprised to see the yellow bag just patiently sitting there waiting for me, I quickly realized that my dad (after having heard that I was posting the occational coffee review on my blog to go along with my updates of business and galleries) had bought it for me to try out. Oh the gleeing that occured.

Opening up the bag (which I was thrilled to find is the kind that reseals), for some reason the aroma actually made me think of cookies. It's probably due to the fact it was such a refreshing and relaxing scent. Brewing up a small pot, I patiently waited before pouring myself a cup wondering how this brand tasted. I have to say, I generally don't drink my coffee straight but since I started doing my coffee reviews I have started drinking coffee straight first before seeing how it is after a bit of creamer added. I have to say that this is one which I would not mind drinking without any additives on a relatively regular basis. The flavor was mellow and not over powering. As far as the cost, if bought from the Gevalia website, it's running $6.99. A little high in my opinion considering the size of the package but understandable due to the quality of the product.


  1. I used to drink Gevalia when I was younger. My mother always mail ordered it and we would have a variety of flavors. I'm sure I've had this blend, but I might have to try it out again soon.

    1. I've seen it in the store on occasion but I had never picked it up mainly because of the price so when I saw it on my desk, I sort of gleed.