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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coffee Review: Daily Blend from Steamers

I was at Old Sacramento, CA  today doing some business with customers who had arranged to meet me there in order to pay for the bookmarks they ordered from me. In between 2 meetings, had wandered my way over to Steamers (located at 101 K Street) for some coffee and decided on getting myself a small cup of their Daily Blend. Always being one who is a bit leary of the house blends at various establishments, I decided to ask and find out what it was for today. The woman working the register at the time was nice enough to let me know it was an Italian style. 

Taking a sip, I was surprised by its low bitterness especially since Italian style coffee to me always been rather tangy. Always being the type of person for just a little cream and sugar in my coffee, I added a little of each and was thrilled over the fact that seemed to enhance the flavor of the coffee itself instead how some coffee out there where you add sugar and cream and STILL can taste the bitter flavor. Price wise, the Daily Blend is very reasonable for those watching their wallets: $1.75 for 12OZ, $1.95 for 16OZ, and $2.15 for 20OZ. 


  1. I've been spending a lot of time in Old Sac, I guess there's been a few events and I've had out of town visitors a lot lately. I passed by this place wondering about their coffee, but I usually stick to my favorite places. I will definitely try them out next time. I've been starting to drink more coffee, I love new flavors and blends!

    1. I'm not really one for straight coffee but I figured I should try theirs out. Feel like I should slowly go through their coffee menu.