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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's late & the coffee is wearing off

Here it is after midnight once again and I find myself still working on some designs for the third grouping of bookmarks that I'm planning on producing. I've come to realize over the past few weeks that during the day is when I do my painting (due to the natural lighting) and in the evening/early morning hours is when I work on my designs and filling customer orders. Anyhoo I digress...

I'm sitting here sipping on a cup of cold coffee since I'm too lazy to turn my coffee maker back on at the moment to warm the pot up again, looking at what I already have brainstormed so far and trying to think of what all I want to do with this particular collection. With each grouping I've done so far, I've had a theme of sorts for them so I figured that I might as well carry on that thought. The theme for this grouping? Mythological creatures!

Well I wanted to get the ideas of potential customers about which creatures they would be interested in seeing so I posed the question on my Facebook account, sat back and waited for responses. I didn't have long to wait, luckily.

Here's the list of what was suggested by my loyal crew of friends and watchers:

Lochness Monster
Big Foot
Mr/Mrs. Right (Not too sure if that suggestion would even count as mythological)
Sea Horse
Sea Monkeys (... I shot that one down pretty fast for obvious reasons)
Asian-style dragons
Dragon shrouded in lightning (Are you seeing a trend here?)
Dragonfly/lady bug cross breed (... WTF?!)
Dragon (I'm seeing popular vote here. Maybe it's just me)
Man/Bear/Pig (words escape me)

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