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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hunt Continues

My hunt for a second gallery to show my work in continues. One of three I've recently emailed contacted me this morning to let me know that they were not accepting any new artists at this time. A bit disappointing, admittedly, but there is a small part of me thinking "Well they said that they aren't looking for anyone new at the moment but that doesn't mean they won't be accepting in the future". I shake my head at my own optimism sometimes. Had told a friend about the bad news and his comment was "Booooo.. their loss" which made me feel happy over the fact that he was expressing his support towards my art but at the same time made me think that well, there has been a lot of galleries as of late which have had to close down which has caused a lot of artists to be without a gallery so I was probably not the only one this particular venue has had to deny.

With one of the other galleries that I've contacted, at least I've spoken with the owner of the place and she gave me the news that she did like my pieces a lot and would be sending me an email. It's just the fact I know that she has been rather busy and hasn't gotten to responding to emails that makes me feel as if I'm just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Even with the waiting, I can't help but hope I can get into this one because not only is it local (for the most part) but the fact that it does get a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis. It is rather bright and the art that is already there are on the colorful and whimsical side which I hope my pieces would work with.

The third gallery.. yeah I have no clue. I haven't received any response from them as of yet so I might have to go to their location on Saturday to go ahead and ask for information. I'm curious if I'm just wasting my time with this one since I've never heard of it before until I started my search over the weekend. The strange thing is that the street it's located on is known for it's various galleries. Guess I will just have to find out more information on it before I make a decision.

I'm starting to wonder if I should start looking towards the bay area and check out the art scene in the Oakland/Berkley area (and before some of you start laughing your heads off, yes they have an art scene). Guess I'll just have to continue my search and ask some of my other artists friends for some ideas. Have a feeling that a lot of coffee is going to be consumed before the end of this.

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