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Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Supplies, I've come for you...

I'm starting to think that I've been going to the Aaron Brothers in Elk Grove a little too long. How did I come to this conclusion? It all stems from the comments that two employees made this week while I was getting some markers for my current project and yes I know both of them.

About 2 days ago or so I had gone to pick up some markers and the first girl (let's call her employee 1) was training a new co-worker. Next thing I know she's telling the woman that I'm not only a frequent customer but that I knew where things were in the store that I needed so for her not to worry about me. Chatting with them as my friend rang up my purchase, I was being amused at watching her struggle trying to scan the markers.

employee 1: .. And as you can see sometimes round things don't scan.

me: I seem to give you a lot of round objects to fight with.

employee 1: Yes, yes you do. So usually she stands there and talks with us as she waits for us to 10 key each item. Well the total is $##.##, how do you want to pay for it?

me: Well how about $##.## on my card and the rest on this?

employee 1: OH GOOD! Do you have a check too?? That way I can train her on all three?

me: Nope! Sorry.. I don't have any checks.

employee 1: Darn it

Clue number 2 that I have been in the store for too long came to me yesterday when I had to do an emergency marker run for the project I was doing. A girl I had never seen before was working there and I asked her for some Copics since they were out of the colors I needed in Prismacolors. She gives me a confused look and has me repeat the request a couple of times before going over to her co-worker who happens to be one of my other friends (employee 2). After the first girl was reminded where they keep the markers, my friend smirks at me as she walks over to chat with me.

employee 2: Where have you been? You haven't been in here in weeks!

me: Yes I was! I was in here like 2 days ago but you weren't here.

employee 2: Wait.. 2 days ago? Oh..... I  had the day off.

me: See? You can't get after me now.

As I dug through the markers looking for the colors I needed, my friend ends up telling her co-worker how I had been there longer then she had been working. I couldn't help but stare at her in surprise when she blurts out that when she was first there, she thought I was originally some sort of spy from the company's higher ups sent to keep an eye on them because she couldn't understand how I was able to have the entire store memorized and knew what I was looking for. Great.. does this mean that I'm being compared to some sort of art supply stalker? Heaven forbid I bring up the other art supply store that I've been going to since the beginning of college back in 1999.

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