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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is Rise of the Guardians?

I seem to have a strange pattern of activity when I get up in the morning which includes checking messages and seeing what new art had been uploaded to deviantART. Sipping my morning coffee I came across a comic called The Trailer by rufftoon and looked through it but realized I had absolutely no idea what the hell it was referencing. Reading the description, the artist mentions that the characters are from a movie who's trailer had just recently been released called Rise of the Guardians.

Watching the trailer, I have to say that I'm thrilled that Dreamworks is continuing with their high quality animations. Not only that but the fact that Santa has tattoos )which have an old world map feel to them along with elements of Maori tossed in) and a Russian accent, Easter Bunny has an Australian accent and looks more like a rather large jack rabbit, the Sandman has an almost steampunk quality to him, and the Tooth Fairy doesn't have the stereotypical tu-tu and tooth shaped crown but more of a humming bird form (which honestly makes a whole lot more sense in my mind for some unknown reason). The Boogeyman however reminds me of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules (1997) but more of what the character of Hades should of been. Oogling over the trailer, I'm reminded of the character in the comic with white hair and wearing a hoody so I decided to figure out who the hell he is. Come to find out he's Jack Frost. How does he fit into the movie? Is he on the good side or is he evil? Why does his early concept art makes him look like a spunkier version of Edward with 1000 times the personality? (oh I'm going to have so much hate from Twilight fans for that statement but honestly I really don't care) It really does make me wonder how the movie is though from the trailer, it does make me think that it's going to be fairly decent. For those wondering, it looks like it will be released in the US around November 21st, just in time for the holidays!


  1. Did you se my post on Facebook about this and not credit me? Personally, I think this looks awesome say for the Tooth fairy. I can learn to love it, I guess. BTW, I watched Hercule a million times, even though I am NOT a Disney film fan, although they occasionally reach me. Can't wait to see this one! I Love Dreamworks!

    1. LOL I actually didn't even see your post about it on FB. Been so busy lately that I don't get a chance to keep up on what folks end up posting on there. Think this is the first time that I've seen you go into fan boy mode so I feel I might need to get a mop or something to clean up the drool.