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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Kinkos Chronicles - part 1 (?)

There's a reason behind this! Seriously!

With my constant visits to my local Kinkos establishment to get my bookmarks and such, random things seem to happen while I'm at the paper cutter trimming things or I will hear strange things from other customers' conversations. I figure that ever so often I should go ahead and share these bits.

March 1, 2012
While waiting for the paper cutter, ended up in a conversation with the man who was using it. Come to find out he runs a small business that sells various bbq sauces that he was describing of "flavor enhancers". Okay so it's not the strangest thing I've heard from a sauce maker but as I was listening him telling me about how he's started shipping his products around the world and starting to recieve emails from customers of how they've used the sauces. He brings up how one customer no longer uses the sauces on food, but instead drinks the stuff straight out of the bottle. And I thought my customers were unique.

March 8, 2012
Minding my own business at the papercutter trimming some newly laminated bookmarks and artist trading cards, I over hear a little old lady (perhaps 72 or older) talking to one of the employees while she was being assisted with making copies of some paperwork she needed. I then suddenly hear the following:

old lady: I actually don't have a husband.

female employee: Really? We can find you one.

old lady: Well that would be nice. Know there's a nice young man who works here--

At that point I turned to my boyfriend, who was standing next to me bored out of his mind waiting for me to finish my work and make the comment "When did they add 'dating service' to their list of options?"

A little later one of the other employees who has gotten used to my frequent visits (actually I'm pretty sure he's one of the managers there) was making his rounds and was joking with me as I was finishing up what I was doing:

male employee: Did you scare my customers away?

me: Nope.. but I think that I'm becoming a perminent fixture in your store.

male employee: It's okay. You're quiet and you know what you're doing so I have no problem with it.

me: And I give you money.

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