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Monday, March 26, 2012

Coffee Review: Wild Hawk Coffee

I'm sure most everyone from Elk Grove has probably seen this little drive thru coffee shop at the corner of Elk Grove Blvd. and Elk Grove Florin Rd. (Across the street from the new library). There was a slightly smaller coffee drive thru at the very same location but with the revitalization of the area it had been torn down and rebuilt to the tiny establishment that is there today for Wild Hawk Coffee. I had always noticed that it seemed popular with business folks in the early morning hours heading off to their jobs around town or before they head up to Sacramento.

Finally getting a chance to go today while running a few errands for my own business, I was happy that the girl working allowed walk ups. Ordering a regular coffee, was surprised when she asked if I wanted medium or dark roast. The first thought through my mind was "Wait. I actually get a choice?? That's new". so of course I went with medium roast. Milk and sugar? Just a spot of milk (my personal preference so that I can cool the coffee down just a little). Of course I burnt my tongue anyways because I didn't wait for it to cool off a little before taking a sip. Oh well.

As far as the initial taste, it did have a bitter quality to it but it's not harsh on the pallete. Taking a few moments for my singed tongue time to recover, took another sip and was able to note the coffee itself was actually relatively smooth. How much did this 16oz cup of coffee goodness cost? Only $2.00. I can see now why this is a popular spot for the business person on the go.

Having asked the girl who was working at the time for the menu, I'm looking through it at the moment and I see absolutely nothing on the list of what they offer being above $5.00. The only thing that is above their average price is a 1lb package of their ground roasted coffee which is only $12.95. 

Looking at the menu and the prices now brings a the question to my mind. For the drinks themselves, the price is reasonable for the average person on the go but $12.95 for a 1lb bag of coffee? Decided to check out the company's website to figure out the reason and found my answer in their About Us section. They are actually a relatively small artisan roasting company based in Sacramento which only does business with some smaller farms around the world who practice "preservation of the environment" and state that they show the farmers who they do business with how to conserve and improve water quality. It does show that the company is not only is conserned by the quality of the coffee they use for their customers but the impact that the farms they do business with have on their respective environments. For the individual who is looking to support a local business and is wanting to be green, then they can probably reason with themselves the price compared to the quantity. As far as anything else on the menu, the price is good for the amount you're given.  

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