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Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Second Saturday Aftermath

I have survived another Second Saturday and grateful for the invention of the chair. Had a fantastic evening at Blue Moon Gallery tonight and now glad to be home, drinking a bottle of Starbucks coffee as I update the Facebook page which I started and run for the gallery. We had nearly wall-to-wall people there for the full 4 hours of the reception so I was luck to get as many photos as I did.... oh dear god I just created an album with 100 photos of the reception. HOW?! Think my week is going to be filled with answering comments on the FB page. Yippee..

What really made my evening was that I had several people compliment me on my paintings, mainly Graceful Rainbow. Would love if someone would buy it this month but I'm not going to hold my breath though if I find out that it has found a new home, I will be jumping for joy.

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