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Saturday, December 8, 2012

So Much Coffee

Discussing the Coffee Review segment of my blog with one of my super close friends this morning and out of no where he blurts out “You should make a blog post where it's a list of ALL of the coffees you've tried so far”. I just sat in my chair a moment looking at my screen, staring at his words. All of the coffee I've tried since I started the blog in March? I asked him why would he want me to, to which he responded that he was curious. Thinking a moment, I realized that there were perhaps others as well who were slightly inquisitive about what I've tried so far. Going through all of my posts and locating them all was going to be an interesting undertaking but even I was curious about the types I've tried up to this point. With a shrug and small giggle, I delved into the blog's archives and started going through all of the Coffee Review entries to make the list. It took about 20 minutes or so to find them all but it was worth it. So to those readers who have been wondering what I have and haven't tried yet, here is the list all linked up to their respective Coffee Review installments. Keep in mind this is only from March to today.

Hills Brothers - Original Blend Medium Roast
Gevalia Kaffe - Traditional Roast
Chocolate Fish Coffee - Macchiato & Fazenda Esperanca
Wild Hawk Coffee - Original Blend Medium Roast
Seattle's Best Coffee - Iced Latte
Johnsons Irel - Pure Ground Coffee
Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company - Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Karma Cafe - Regular Coffee (Trader Joe's Dark Roast)
Tchibo - Gold Selection Ground Coffee
World Market - Texas Turtle Ground Coffee
Kaui Coffee - Koloa Estate Dark Roast
Don Francisco's Coffee - Family Reserve
Trader Joe's - Vanilla Chai-Spiced Coffee
The Organic Coffee Company - Ground Java Love
Havana Cappuccino - Mocha Cappucino
Eight O' Clock - Ground Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts - French Vanilla
International Delight - Vanilla Iced Coffee
Entenmann's - Hazelnut Ground Coffee
Bay AreaCoffee - Christmas Traditions Ground Coffee
Godiva Chocolatier Coffee – Peppermint Mocha

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