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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coffee Review: Johnsons Irel Pure Ground Coffee

It started off as me wandering the internet at 12:30-1 in the morning looking for potential coffee that I might be interested in trying out. My search lead me to Cost Plus: World Market where I was wandering their coffee section. I nearly decided to order some online when the thought "Wait, there's one in Laguna. Why waist money on shipping and handling when I can just go to the store to pick up what I want".  Venturing to the store near where I live, I made my way to where they had their coffee and tea. Scanning the shelves of various brands, my eyes were drawn to the green packaging at the bottom shelf which seemed to almost be trying to get my attention by peeking out from the tins around it. What was it? An 8oz (227g) bag of Johnsons Irel Pure Ground Coffee which is ground and packaged in Northern Ireland. For only $6.99, I figured that I would go ahead and try it out just in the name of curiosity.

Right off the bat, I find that there is a problem with the packaging. A bit difficult to get open, the bag does not have a way to be sealed again so you have to put it into another resealable container in order to make sure it doesn't go stale (personally I've stuck the bag into a ziploc bag). The aroma being emitted from the bag however was rather robust and relaxing. Brewing up a pot, I was rewarded when I poured myself a cup with a rather aromatic brew with a strong, almost fruity taste. The smoothness to the coffee has so many of the characteristics of a Colombian that it is my best guess of what this particular brand is.

Sipping my cup while looking up the company online (part of me hoping that the website wasn't in Gaelic), I finally discovered it. Strangely enough the particular type that I purchased at World Market is not listed on the Johnsons Coffee website. I really have no idea why which I find a little weird especially since I just wanted to compare the prices. They do however list other blends that they have available which is nice.  As far as the coffee itself, I find it rather nice and worth the cost but the draw back that may put potential buyers off is the fact that the packaging needs to be stuffed into a bag or some other resealable packaging to make sure that it stays fresh. The other draw back is that I have only found it at World Market in store. What does this mean? The fact that it is not listed on their website either and only discovered it on the shelf by pure chance. The negative of this is that if someone wants to try it out, there is  the problem of there might not be a World Market near their location and no guarantee that the store would be carrying it.

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