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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Kinkos Chronicles - part 4

This installment of The Kinkos Chronicles is brought to you by lack of sleep, Starbucks, and all around morning mayhem. Actually this is what happens when I have things that I need to get done, have no vehicle (the engine on the truck is dead), and the only time I can possibly find time to do what I need to while also getting a little exercise in is in the early morning hours.

May 1, 2012
There is a lot that I've discovered about myself and the world around me in the early morning hours. Starting off that my inner voice is a ruckus of jumbled thoughts when up and out of the door by 6:30 in the morning before coffee. Just from my house, my brain went from "God it's so early" to a scene from Down Periscope (1996) (good movie by the way), to the commercial for Prototype 2. By the time I reached the Starbucks near my house which is only about 2 maybe 3 blocks away, I had Too Close by Alex Clare playing in my head (mixed with some yawning of course).

At Starbucks, I noticed 2 things:
First - that there is close to no one on the road until about 6:50 and then it's as if the flood gates open up and suddenly there is a mob of vehicles going every which way in a dysfunctionally organized ballet. Of course many of the dancers must have missed rehearsal a few times because there was almost an accident at one point while I was waiting to cross the street.
Second - at 6:30 in the morning, there are more people in the drive through wasting gas just waiting to order then there are customers inside. What the hell?? Including me there was only 3 people inside and I received my order faster then the van that has a 6 person capacity with only the driver inside who was waiting at the window. Dear God what they say in Over the Hedge (2006) is right! Come on people. You complain about gas prices and don't want to waste the fuel you have, but you are driving a huge vehicle AND you're waiting in a drive through for coffee. Park the damn thing, go inside, get your stuff then go about your business.

Once at Kinkos, there was only me and another customer there since it was only about 7:30 in the morning. This is great since that means that I'll be able to get done with my order sooner then if there was more customers and I had come an hour or so later in the day. Minding my own business at the cutting board, I had made the occasional idle chit chat with a woman nearby who was making copies of some things. Once she was done, she complimented me on the designs and had left the store only to come back 2 minutes later with a card making the comment of "I couldn't help but notice that you're drinking coffee. Here! Go to my website and check it out!" As she smiled and handed me the card, I instantly remembered who the hell she was. Yes folks it was the lady I mentioned in The Kinkos Chronicles - part 2! Why??! Why am I a magnet for every strange person in my area?! All I could do was give a polite smile and thank her as she cheerfully wandered out of the store. If this is how my morning has gone, I'm not sure if I should look forward to what my day is offering me past 1 this afternoon.

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