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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coffee Review: Hawaiian Isles Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Bought at the same time I got Johnsons Irel Pure Ground Coffee over at Cost Plus: World Market, I thought why not try something that had some added flavors to it. At $9.49 for a 10oz (283g) bag, cost wise it's in the price range I've seen most bags of ground coffee this size. What's nice is that each bag comes with it's own little clip to keep it closed once you've opened it. Of course the first challenge is to open the container without sending ground coffee everywhere. After a bit of a struggle, I was able to open it. Actually it was more form a small hole near the top of the bag to use to pour the coffee. Not exactly the best start to my venture but I was rewarded by the sweet scent of coffee and chocolate coming from inside.

Making a pot of it, I have to say that currently my office area now smells like a bakery had made a chocolate cake. While pouring, I noticed that unlike most of the coffees I've tried, this particular one was a bit lighter in color. Breathing in the aroma after I've poured myself a cup, I not only could smell the chocolate and coffee but faintly the hint of macadamia but oddly enough a tiny bit of raspberry. Maybe it was just me on that last one but I couldn't wait to try it. Sipping I found that the coffee, though the name of the blend made me think that it would have been strong, was actually fairly light in flavor. Not something I was expecting but makes sense since unlike most coffees I've tried which have a Columbian base, this is much more like the Gevalia Kaffe Traditional Roast that I reviewed which is Arabica coffee.

Doing a bit of price checking on the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. website, I did notice that this particular flavored coffee isn't listed on their page but all of their coffees are actually only $7.25 for the 10oz (283g) bags. That's a $2.24 mark up if you bought it at World Market. I was a bit surprised until I checked on buying a single bag and having it shipped from Hawaii to me. If by the US Post Office, an additional $6.20 would be tacked on to the cost of the coffee ($13.45 total). If by FedEx Ground which will get the product from Hawaii to me in 5 to 8 days, that is $13.50 tacked onto your price ($20.75 total). Then there is the FedEx 2day Air option which is an additional $21.30 to your price tag ($28.55 total). Unless you're buying in bulk or the store just doesn't have the flavor or type you're looking for, I don't think the shipping option would be the best idea for most people. The only possible way that I can see people enjoying the $7.25 price for their coffee is if they live in Hawaii or they are there for vacation as it is and buy it there at the source. So for those of you who want to enjoy this brand, your best option is going to be buying it from a grocery store or World Market.

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