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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coffee Review: Karma Cafe

Recently during a day trip with my boyfriend up to the Historic District of Folsom, we had decided to walk into Karma Cafe on Sutter Street for a cup of coffee and a chance to unwind a bit. Walking into to the small cafe that we have passed so many times before, I felt instantly at home with the relaxing atmosphere and eclectic decor. I decided to order just a cup of coffee because even when two different establishments use the same brand, the flavor can be a little different depending on how it's prepared. What's nice is that the coffee only cost $2. Settling in to one of the soft plush chairs, I waited in anticipation for my order hoping that it at least was in a decent size. What comes to me was a rather large steaming mug of coffee. The size of the mug was surprising to me was it was just the massive size of it.

Letting it cool a bit so that I wouldn't burn my tongue (something I had to force myself to remember to do), I enjoyed the aroma of the brew. Sipping and chatting with my boyfriend, I couldn't help but make the comment that the flavor reminded me of something we had already sampled elsewhere but a bit smoother and less bitter of it. Thinking over the various coffee reviews I had already done as I handed the mug over to him to let him try it, his words ended up occurring at the same time the little secretary in my mind found what I was seeking out.

"It kind of tastes like that one drink you ordered over at Chocolate Fish."

He was right. It did have the dark richness similar to the Macchiato I spoke about in my Coffee Review: Chocolate Fish Coffee entry. That just made me confused because that is espresso but I was drinking coffee. My confusion grew even more as we tried to figure out what kind of coffee the cafe was using. It did taste as if it was a Columbian based brew but I couldn't be sure. Finally giving up, I politely spoke with one of the waitresses to discover they use Trader Joe's Dark Roast. Color me surprised on that discovery since I have never been one for a dark roast ground coffee but the way they brewed it, I found myself actually enjoying the deep richness of it and the slightly fruity hints it has. I have to say that I was glad that we decided to come inside instead of just passing by this small spot again.

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