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Friday, October 19, 2012

Coffee Review: Dunkin' Donuts – French Vanilla

Lately I've been trying to find people for some up coming 'A common influence...maybe' segments which really means twiddling my thumbs while waiting for responses from those I've already messaged and keeping busy on my various projects. While working on one of them, I received a phone call from my dad and hear the following come from his lips:

Hey have you tried Dunkin' Donuts coffee yet?”

Honestly I keep hearing my friends talking about it but I hadn't had a chance to try it out yet. So he brings over a 12oz (340.2g) bag of French Vanilla and one of Dunkin' Turbo. This morning I could tell that it was going to be a coffee day so pulled out the bright orange bag of French Vanilla from my drawer of coffee to try out. For those who are worried about packaging, the first good point is that this is a resealable bag though it was a little bit difficult to get a grip on it to open but that was mostly my own fault with my thumbs being smooth at the moment. Once I was able to get the bag open, however, I was greeted with the sweet aroma of vanilla and a tiny hint of nuttiness from perhaps hazelnut. When being brewed, I have to admit that my area of the bedroom which houses my little office/studio space started to smell like a classic European cafe. It also made me with I had a scone or almond biscotti.

Carefully taking a sip, I could still taste the sweetness of the vanilla but it was more subtle then it's aroma. There does seem to be a little bit of floral notes but that is probably due to the coffee itself and the vanilla flavoring. The coffee itself seems to be a medium roast, though on the side of the bag there is no indication other then 'ground coffee 100% Premium Arabica Coffee'. Since I'm using my glass mug, I can say that the color is a lovely medium warm amber color which leads me to believe that it is a medium roast. If anyone disagrees, feel free to leave a comment.

Though the coffee is a Dunkin' Donuts product, don't try going to their main page to find out about other coffees that they have available. Instead, they have a separate website www.dunkinathome.com. At the moment they're promoting their seasonal coffee flavors of Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread Cookie and Mocha Mint. A feature on the website that I've noticed becoming relatively popular with companies to make it easier for customers to find their coffee products is that there is an option as to finding stores near your location that carries Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an option to order online and have their products shipped to you which is probably a small downside for those overseas who would want to try out their various coffees. There is however a spot on the website that if you sign up, gives you coupons so that you can purchase their coffee products at a lower cost. Speaking of cost, if memory serves me right, I believe that Dunkin' Donuts coffee normally runs in the $6-$10 range which is typical for a bag this size and fits well for those on budgets.

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