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Monday, October 22, 2012

Just some changes with the blog

I've had to change a few things around on my blog so to my readers, before you get all nervous, let me go ahead and explain the situation. I had just woken up and checked my email like I always do first thing in the morning and what occurred was the following (which I posted up on my Facebook page):

I'm used to getting the occasional anonymous comment on my blog about one of the posts I've done so it didn't come to any surprise to me when I checked my in-box this morning to find one for my newest blog entry 'Inspiration in surprising p
laces'. Then I read it and just facepalmed.

" Grеat рost. I was chеcking сonstantly this blog and I am impгessed! Εxtremely helpful infoгmatіοn ρarticularly thе last paгt :) I care for such іnformаtion a lot.

I waѕ seeκing this certain info foг a very long time.
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The man then proceeded to have Zulutrade Broker as a link to his page . I'm sorry but seriously? You've been looking for the man behind another website which I easily found the link to thanks to another blog? Are you serious? And more then likely you could have easily found his website anyways thanks to search engines. ~Sigh~ Think it's going to be one of those days so coffee here I come.

I then proceeded to talk to a friend of mine about the situation since honestly by this time I've only been awake for the past 20 minutes (if that) and still in need to make a pot of coffee. He let me know that the post was actually spam and for me not to worry about it. He then suggested to me that I change the settings on the blog dealing with comments so that people have to verify that they are indeed people. So I went in and changed it from including Anonymous comments to Registered User -includes OpenID. I apologize to my readers about this but I hope you understand that it's mainly to help ease any headaches and such I would normally get if I continued to allow spam posts to pop up. I do encourage you to post comments on the articles that I do put up however since I enjoy hearing feedback and want to know how I'm doing.

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