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Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee Review: Eight O'clock ground coffee

I apologize to my readers who have become used to my frequent coffee review posts for the lack of updates for this little series. It has been a while since I've found a new coffee to try but as you can see, one captured my attention. Wandering my local Grocery Outlet (which is a chain of discount grocery stores here on the west coast which can be found in California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Washington) here in Elk Grove just picking up some basic food items when I noticed their coffee section. One that caught my eye was called Eight O'Clock 100% Colombian Ground Coffee. This 11oz (311g) package of coffee was only for $2.99! How could I resist? So tossing it into my cart along with the other things I was picking up and went off to pay for them.

Like so many past posts I've done about the packaging, I'm sure my regular readers knows about my pet peeve of packaging that is difficult to get into or is unable to be resealed so has to be shoved into a resealable bag. Well don't worry, fellow coffee drinkers because this one is able to be resealed! Another nice feature is that this one wasn't a complete struggle to open up so no coffee grounds went flying through the air. Taking in the aroma, I couldn't help but notice that there was an oakyness to it with almost tiny chocolate hints. I found myself thinking that this would turn out to taste more like a dark roast then the medium roast label it has on the side of the packaging. Of course I knew not to let myself focused on what I thought a coffee would taste like for the simple fact that there was always a chance that I could be wrong. As I waited for my pot of coffee to brew up, I couldn't help but enjoy the faint flora notes that came into the air. The brew itself was mellow and not overly pungent in taste which was a wonderful surprise since the aroma straight out of the package. There was also no bitter after taste which is much different then many other medium ground coffees that I've had before. Due to the mild flavor, I can see this being pared up with a nice whole wheat bread or even a nutty biscotti. 

Looking at the company's website, Eight O'Clock Coffee actually has 11 different flavors/types of coffee available in 12, 36, or 42 oz size bags in either whole bean or ground. For those who like a bit of variety, it is a nice set of choices. Another interesting little bit of information which is slightly different then most coffee company websites is that not only does it give you the option of where you could possibly buy their product depending on what state you live in but there is a Buy Online option as well. The ground 100% Colombian 11oz package I have actually sells for $6.99 which for the quality is still a wonderfully reasonable price for those on a budget. So for those who are interested in trying something a bit different and keep in your budget, this could be something you may want to try. 

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