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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp – part 4

Having been keeping an eye on the various new musical pieces my dear Rebecca had been posting as of late, I was surprised when she sent me a note this evening letting me know that she had used another of my paintings for another music video.

Lilacs? When did I ever do lilacs? I couldn't for the life of me even remember ever doing a piece that involved lilacs so of course I HAD to go check out her wonderful work mostly to see how this piece sounded compared to the previous works she's posted but also to figure out which piece she had used of mine. 

Beautifully done as always, this made me think of a mesh of Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto No. 5 in F Minor – Largo and Tchaikovsky's Waltz from Serenade for Strings. An interesting combination of things that came to mind while listening to Rebecca's piece considering their styles are drastically different from each other and hers. Of course that's just how my brain works and in case someone out there reads this and starts freaking out, worry not because it's meant as a compliment. You can find more from the wonderful Rebecca Tripp here:

"Fleeting Moments" by Dawn Star Wood

The painting itself was actually one of my newer pieces 'Fleeting Moments'. Perhaps it was due to the weather or the fact that I was a little tired and had other things on my mind but when I realized which piece it was, I couldn't help but chuckle at myself for not remembering that I had some lilac flowers in the piece. It is actually an 8x10 inch watercolor on watercolor paper that I had done for the Blue Moon Gallery about 2 months ago. 

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