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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coffee Review: The Organic Coffee Co. - Ground Java Love

It started out with an agreement with my boyfriend that we needed a pot of coffee this morning since we had to wake up at 6:30 today (AC Repair crew coming by this morning to replace our old out dated unit that died 2 years ago) so I went ahead and opened up my drawers to figure out what I felt like having that was already opened. Digging around in the coffee drawer, we discovered a 12oz (340g) bag of Ground Java Love that someone had given me that I had yet to try out. And so the decision was made that I should do another review. Let's be honest, at the time I was tired since we were only running on about 4 hours of sleep and wanted coffee. Just my cup of coffee was going to involve some work.

I have to say to The Organic Coffee Co. thank you for making the bag resealable but WHY did you make it so difficult to open? I spent a good 2 minutes (though it seemed longer)  just trying to open the bag because of the type of glue that was used and had the fear of accidentally ripping the whole thing sending ground coffee to the 4 winds. Luckily I was able to get it open without any mishaps and was awarded by the rich aroma of coffee that almost seemed to have a hint of chocolate in it. The brew itself was relatively dark but strangely smooth and mild which was a welcomed change since I was actually expecting a strong bitter flavor. On the ingredients listing, it had it stated as Arabica Organic coffee, which makes sense since coffees with an Arabica base seem to be a little bit smoother in flavor then Columbian based coffees. Not quite sure why that is but I'm sure a coffee expert will tell me at some point the reason for it.

Doing a bit of looking, I discovered that The Organic Coffee co. is actually run by the Rogers Family Company which is based out of Lincoln, California. They have listed on their website actually a small handful of brands which they own such as San Francisco Bay, Organic Coffee Co., Black Mountain Gold, Fairwinds, Cafe Jerusalem, Pleasant Hill Farms, East India Tea, and Organic Tea Company. Poking around on their website section for the Organic Coffee Co., I actually discovered that the particular bag I have is listed as $10.49 ($9.99 for whole bean). This is perfectly understandable since it would be considered as a gourmet coffee and is organic. What do I mean by organic? On the packaging and their website, the Rogers family state that the coffee is grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. So for those of you out there worried about what is actually going into your morning up besides the brew and perhaps creamer and don't mind spending a little extra, this might be a good option for you.

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