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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coffee Review: Don Francisco's Coffee - Family Reserve

Here it is the day after a national holiday and figure it's a great chance to do yet another Coffee Review. This particular one is brought to you by the same fan who provided coffee for the Kaui Coffee - Koloa Estate Dark Roast review. This time around it's a 12oz (340g) of Don Francisco's Coffee - Family Reserve which happens to be made with Colombia Supremo coffee. I have to say I'm overjoyed about 2 things right off the bat about the packaging. First, it can be easily opened. Second, it is able to be resealed. FINALLY! Finally packaging that gets it right! Pushing my glee aside, I noticed that the aroma was rather mild which was a nice indication to the quality of the coffee.

When brewed, the coffee is surprisingly dark in color and has a relatively rich aroma which is something I wasn't expecting from a medium roast. The flavor does taste like many other Arabica's I've had before, having a faint bitter/tangy quality to it which means that it can easily be countered by a creamer if the drinker so desires. The bag itself states the taste is "bright with medium body, sweet, floral aroma and winey notes". I'm not too sure where they get the 'bright' part of the flavor from but at the 'winey notes' I can understand but have to say that it makes it sound like a brandy that has been sitting in a cask that ones had wine in it.

Taking a look on the Don Francisco's website, unlike so many I've taken a look at, this one actually lists this particular 12oz bag of coffee which you can buy at $8.95 and gives you a choice of whole bean, auto drip, coarse grind, extra fine or fine ground. This is the first time I've seen a website give you those kind of choices and not have each one as a different price. At the bottom of the screen there is also a roasting chart which tells you what to expect from one of their coffees that may be listed as a medium, medium bold or bold roast. Little details like this really helps people who may be looking into trying coffee and not too sure what the flavor would be for each roast. For someone who's looking for a smooth mild coffee, this might be something to look into.

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