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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bookmarks Available for Sale

This week will probably be the busiest for me this month. With advertising the various venues that my work is going to be at, making sure that my work is ready for the different locations, contacting members of groups I'm in to make sure they're ready, filling out contracts, getting research done for an entry into another competition who's deadline is later in the month and making sure I have things ready for a show in August, I'm having to make sure that I have things written down so I don't forget any detail. Of course on top of all of this I'm also still running my business and trying to bring in new customers.

Lately I have been having people showing interest in the bookmarks I make and have been asked what I have available right now. Well here is the ones I have at my regular price of $2.75 each at the moment. I'm planning on making a new set but I have to get some research done before I even go about designing them. Right now, I'm offering the bookmarks for sale to US residents (mainly because I'm not set up for international sales at the moment). If you're interested in any of them, go ahead and send me an email to let me know. As always, when I come up with a new set, I'll make an announcement. Don't have any books because you have a Kindle? I've actually been having several customers who have been framing these in order to have something on their walls at home or pinned to the walls of their cubicle at work for something decorative to spice up their space. They also make nice little presents to friends and loved ones that you can hide in cards.

For those interested in my special bookmarks, I have 2 sets right now (one being only available through the consignment shop they're in). Which ones are the?

Exclusive bookmarks available only through Sunlight of the Spirit located at 2314 J Street  Sacramento, CA 95816. Each is $3 and part of each sale goes to the programs SotS provides to those seeing recovery from addiction or seeking spiritual growth. 

Human Trafficking Awareness bookmarks available through me. Each is $3 with $1 of each bookmark sold donated to the My Sister's House organization which strives to assist women escaping from domestic violence. 

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