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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Event and Venue line up for July

I have a feeling that there are going to be many coffee reviews in my future with how busy I'm being this month. For those who have been following me on Facebook and have noticed my work in progress shots that I've been spamming, you probably know how insane my schedule has been lately. If not, here's the list of events and places you'll be able to see my art.

For this month at Blue Moon Gallery, we are featuring the artworks of David Peterson, Linda Gelfman and Jim Marxen. Come by our Second Saturday Artist Reception set for July 14th from 6-9pm with the show itself continuing until August 4th. Gallery Hours are Wednesday - Saturday Noon-5pm.

2353 Albatross Way     Sacramento, CA 95815     (916) 920-2444
Follow us on Facebook or visit our website bluemoongallerysacto.com

My art that will be at the gallery this month:
watercolors (8x10 inches)

watercolors (8x10 inches)


Being put on by the Sacramento Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking group, this show is going to be held at French Cuff Consignment in Davis, CA on Friday July 13th from 5-9pm. This is an art and information show to raise awareness about human trafficking in the world of manufacturing. You will be able to see and even purchase some of the art which our participating artists La La Ortiz, Jennifer Keller, Jalene Ducas, Dawn Star Wood, and Jenvy Fox have put together.  

130 G Street (2nd & G)     Davis, CA 95616     (530) 756-3724

My art at this show: 

These will be $3 each, $1 of each one sold going to the My Sister's House organization. If you're unable to attend the show or are out of state and are interested in buying some of the bookmarks, please let me know to order them and I will put you on a waiting list so I can get them to you. Thank you so much for the interest you've been showing and to those who had pre-ordered. 
The designs are based on previous shows we have had already or dealing with one of the subject matters which we try to bring attention to. 
From left to right:
Birdcaged Lotus - based off of the child prostitution awareness show
Spring Child - based off of child labor awareness
Cups of Coffee - based off of the coffee and chocolate show
Paper Crane - awareness to those who were lost


This month, deviantSAC (also known as Greater Sacramento Artists on deviantART.com) is having a group show at the wonderful Studio 24 in Sacramento on Saturday July 14th from 4-9pm. Here we have the combined talents of J. Alex Darr, Alex Calder, Jarrod Campbell, Ed Farris, Janxy, Travis Latta, Grey Matter, Tomas Overbai, Gabriel M. Sanford and Dawn Star Wood showing their work. Don't miss this one day event to see the colorful works of these up and coming artists. 

2220 K Street     Sacramento, CA 95816     (916) 442-8262
Follow us on Facebook or check out our group gallery at GreaterSacramentoArt.deviantART.com

My art at the show:
watercolors (8x10 inches)
watercolors (11x14 inches)

watercolors (8x10 inches)


As a reminder I do have a few pieces at Sunlight of the Spirit located in Sacramento including a set of custom bookmarks which I made specifically for the shop. Don't forget to stop by this wonderful little location. If you know about my bookmarks here or curious about them, they're towards the back of the shop where there's a display case for jewelry. 

2314 J Street     Sacramento, CA 95816     (916) 440-1533

My art here:
watercolors (8x10 inches)

watercolors (11x14 inches)

watercolors and gold paint (11x14 inches)

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