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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rage Against the Colors

This evening, after finishing a painting, had decided to look into and research art galleries in the areas of the Napa Valley and Bay Area. What's nice about looking at the gallery websites is that since they display the works of the artists they already have which gives me an idea of what styles or genres they focus on showing. Of course there were MANY locations that my style would never fit into but what I can appreciate is the fact that at least I can see it ahead of time so that I don't have to waste my time contacting them. While wandering the various websites, I couldn't help but notice something about the pages from galleries in the Napa Valley verses the Berkeley area.

Napa Valley gallery websites are very sophisticated looking, most having a black or dark colored back ground with light colored text which allows viewers to be able to read information and see the art on display which is more noticeable. Berkeley gallery websites on the other hand are colorful and vibrant, having various layouts for their information. That was until I found this gallery's website:

Ping! PET PEEVE ACTIVATED! I'm sorry but there are just some color combinations that really don't work for a website and this is a prime example. Yes the colors are soft and soothing but here's what's bugging me:

  • Home page color combination - Yes the colors of the page match the piece of art which they have on display but instead of drawing attention to the art, the page color combination actually washes the work out causing it to look dull. 
  • Menu text being white against pale blue back ground - It would have worked better if the blue was a shade or two darker or the text itself was bold or in a shade of grey as well. I do realize that it's white in order to balance with the gallery's logo on the left but is someone has bad eyes or if the screen you're looking at it on, it is rather difficult to notice the text. Another suggestion would be if they had chosen to use the faint yellowish color in the picture as also the color for the logo and menu text. 
Okay so it's probably just me and I'll probably have several people argue with me on this but it's just something that bugs me about websites. I can understand that they're trying to make their page professional looking but if they had just tweaked the colors a little then it wouldn't have bugged me so much. 

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