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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coffee Review: Trader Joe's Vanilla Chai-Spiced Coffee

I was in my local Trader Joe's wandering around to see what they had available when this caught my attention. Personally, I'm not one for store brand coffee since half the time they really don't taste right but when I spotted this 14oz (397g) container of Vanilla Chai-Spiced coffee, my curiosity was perked. To those who have become frequent readers of my coffee reviews, good news! The container is resealable! After unsealing the package, the aroma made me think of the holidays.

Once brewed and poured, I couldn't help but notice that the fragrance was slightly sweet and mellow. Certainly something that took me by surprise but I found strangely comforting. Maybe it's due to the fact that it reminded me of some of the scents from the Yankee Candle Company. The flavor was uniquely spicy but not the hot type of spicy. I could taste the cinnamon and hint of nutmeg from the chai spice but it may not be something that everyone would be interested in trying. Looking at the ingredients since I wasn't too sure what the other flavors were that I was picking up, I see this:

Ground Coffee, Vanilla Cream oil, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cardamom, Ground Ginger, Ground Cloves 

Well that would explain the spiciness but would work well with a flavored creamer such as a vanilla or caramel to enhance the melody of flavors. I have to say that it's like I have the holidays in my coffee mug right now. Now here's the fun part- for this party in your mouth, the container of coffee was only about $5 (closer to $6 with tax). For a 14oz container of aromatic coffee for those who want a change of pace from their usual coffee line up? This is actually a really great value.

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