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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A common influence... maybe: Hyung-tae Kim

There are times when I find an artist that is relatively unknown to mainstream artists. It might be because of the field their work is in really isn't viewed all that often except by a small group or because their name is almost unheard of but their art has been seen widely. One of the artists that falls in this category of almost unknown name but well known work is Hyung-tae Kim.

"Juclecia" by Hyung-tae Kim
Korean artist Hyung-tae Kim (1978 - ) is perhaps more well known for his work on the Magna Carta game series and the later installments of the War of Genesis game series. Surprisingly enough he originally started his career as one of the people who worked on the background music for video games. He didn't start into the art community until he branched out and was a guest cover artist for comic books. With his his highly stylized works and character concepts, he became one of artists for Magna Carta. There are publications that contain his illustrations such as the Ragnarok Online Official Fan Book, OXIDE, KOREAN Illustration, and Io: Art of the Wired.

This is perhaps the first time where I have found 5 artists and none of them responded to my question:

"Of the various places you get your ideas from, I was wondering if Hyung-tae Kim (lead character designer for the Magna Carta game series on PlayStation 2) was one of your sources of inspiration."

"Salvation" by MarioWibisono
Either because of language barriers, busy schedules or something I didn't even foresee such as not being on deviantART for a period of time but I will still present their works and let you decide if these artists were influenced by Hyung-tae Kim.

A digital artist perhaps more well known on deviantART for his creations of beautiful warrior women, his gallery is filled with works which are either private commissions or for the role-playing game Legend of the Five Rings. With an equal amount of scifi and fantasy with a heavy amount of Asian design, his beautiful images also hold a sense of urgency or foreboding. He doesn't seem to have a particular color palette that he favors but he does enjoy putting in a lot of detail in his pieces.

"Red Angel of Revenge" by yangqi

yangqi.deviantart.com (People's Republic of China)
A digital artist living in China known for her lovely soft pieces, she has apologized to her audience that her English is not very good. Pushing that aside, each of her pieces speak for themselves. With beauty, grace and her own bit of humor, what pieces she has up on her gallery shows her unique style of fantasy. It has been some time since she has posted any updates but it's understandable with her busy schedule. She does however have new pieces on display up on her blog so if you're a fan of her work or interested in checking out more of her pieces, it might be a place you would like to check out.

"Happy Midautumn Festival" by dorset
dorset.deviantart.com (Hong Kong)
An anonymous artist located in Hong Kong, Dorset has apologized to their viewers for the lack of updates and explains that at the moment they are focusing on their schooling. Stepping away from that, their gallery is filled with beautiful digital works which includes fanworks of such animes like Hetalia and Gintama along with original creations. With action and details galore, Dorset doesn't seem to have a favored color palette since so many of their pieces are vibrant with a few pieces in grey tones.

"End of Day - Leigh and Sophie" by JayAxer
JayAxer.deviantart.com (United States)
Perhaps a bit more well known among the deviantART community, digital artist Jay Axer has an unique take on character creations. One of the crowd favorites is his original character Leigh but he also has done fanworks for such things as Sonic and Team Fortress 2. Some of his newer pieces (2011-2012) are in a different style then what he had been doing (2005-2011). Perhaps he is experimenting with having things both detailed and a bit more realistic in appearance but it still has his flare to it. Recently he has let his audience know that he also has a gallery on FurAffinity.net.
"Elvynn Evlibris" by auroreblackcat

Illustrator and digital artist located in France, Aurore's works is rather popular among the European artists on deviantART. She does have a couple of publications (Pixie and Elinor Jones) and has several of webcomics such as Harfang. She does a wonderful job on portraying emotion with her characters, carefully choosing a color palette that helps with showing the mood. 

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