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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A common influence... maybe: ARYZ

With some of the circle of artist friends I've been spending time with, I have been getting exposed to much more of the urban art community (graffiti, murals, etc.). A friendly and passionate group of folks, listening to them talk about different techniques of how to get a desired paint affect from a spray can is always entertaining. Ever so often I even find myself wandering YouTube and watch this collective body of artists create their works which always has a sense of raw creative energy to them. One such artist I cam across goes by the name of ARYZ.

mural by ARYZ
A muralist living in Spain, ARYZ's large scale abstract murals can easily be found not only on the sides of buildings but on trucks and pretty much any location he can in not only his own country but in various parts of Europe and overseas such as Poland and Puerto Rico. Almost like blown up illustrations, using the surface of a wall as his canvas, his colorful and sometimes cartoony works are a visual feast though perhaps slightly jarring when seen for the first time. He has been featured many times by Juxtapox Magazine just within the time of May 2011 to December 2012. His work has also been shown at the Montana Gallery Barcelona and in GKo Gallery along side artists GRITO, KIKX, Poseydon, ROSTRO and RGTD for the Mixed Media Print Show.

It took me a while to actually decide to pick Aryz as a spotlighted artist simply because I was trying to figure out for the past several months how I was going to find artists on deviantART who might have similar style to him. After searching through a large collection of galleries, I picked 5 and asked:

“With your eye-catching and colorful visuals, I was curious if the Spanish muralist ARYZ was one of your sources of inspiration or influence.”

"oO Mural Oo" by pacman23
pacman23.deviantart.com (United States)
A digital artist located in the United States, Francisco Perez's style lends itself very well with the common theme of gaming and popular comic/anime culture. Muted colors, shades of grey, striking highlights and bold outlines fill his gallery as he puts his own twist on the various subject matters he chooses. There is very much an urban influence coming through these digital illustrations and is fascinating to see the amount of thought that when into each piece though many have a flat color palette (little to no shading, using blocks of color to suggest direction or change).
Website: www.pac23.com
"You know I wasn't familiar with his work until I saw the cover of Aesop Rock's Skelethon and did some research on the artist. His work is amazing and I'm definitely a fan!" ~ pacman23

"You don't really want to know" by BenjaminCee
Australian artist Benjamin Cee's pieces are filled with abstract human forms and tons of details. With a gallery of disturbing visuals yet strangely addictive illustrations, his unique story telling is interesting to check out if you're someone who enjoys indie comics.
"Hi there, no well I'm not familiar with the artist...are they making art now or in the past? Perhaps we have similar influences. Cheers" ~BenjaminCee

"Wait what" by Skaffa

skaffa.deviantart.com (Netherlands)
Traditional artist from the Netherlands, Skaffa works in a wide range of mediums in order to accomplish the look he's wanting. His flare to urban art shows a bit of an anime twist to it which catches the viewer's eye, bold colors and bold outlines making each piece entertaining to look at.
Website: www.teoskaffa.com
"Aryz is not an influence or inspiration directly, but he does make ridiculously awesome work " ~Skaffa

The remaining 2 artists haven't been able to respond yet, either due to the fact that it's the holidays or the language barrier. Either way, I would like to present you their works and give you the choice to decide if they were influenced by ARYZ or not.

An artist out of Spain, Felideus's gallery is filled Steampunk style imagery and a warm color palette. From Cthulhu to Alice in Wonderland and everything in between, his whimsical take on some literary favorites is always entertaining to check out. Full of details, these whimsical illustrations cause the viewer to want to create stories for each piece.

"Circus Clown" by monez04
An artist located in Indonesia, Monez works in both traditional mediums and digital art to create his eye-catching illustrations. Monsters, zombies and his own unique characters fill his gallery with a mix of vibrant colors and grey tones. Even with such exaggerated forms, his pieces have a sense of humor though perhaps just a little bit on the dark side.


  1. I love ARYZ's work and I think you chose some great artists that share a similar vision. You should also check out the work of NYCHOS. Quite an amazing artist. I've been following these two for the last year and they truly have inspire me.

    1. I had been wanting to do an artist that would be more towards the urban art part of our community so I figured why not spotlight ARYZ. I think I actually found a video of him on YouTube earlier this year and found him pretty interesting. Glad you enjoyed this particular article.