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Friday, November 9, 2012

Coffee Review: Entenmann's Hazelnut Ground Coffee

While wandering various grocery stores and markets, I tend to wander my way over to the section for coffee and tea to see what they had available. Depending on the store, they really don't change what they have available but ever so often I spot something I haven't seen before. Today was such a day. Wandering through my local Grocery Outlet (same spot mentioned in Coffee Review: Eight O'clock ground coffee), I came across a 10oz (283g) bag of Entenmann's Hazelnut Ground Coffee for $3.99. At the time I wasn't too sure if I should pick it up but for the price, I thought it would be a good chance to try something new for this segment.

Though it is resealable, that really doesn't help when the stately white package is difficult to open. Struggling with it a bit, I accidentally tore a hole near the top of the bag. It's not the first time I've had this happen to me when opening up one of the bags I've tried out but it's still annoying as all hell when if does happen. Deciding that it would be a good idea to use scissors where the hole formed instead of attempting to rip it more and end up with coffee across my desk and keyboard, I was able to make sure that I could have it open enough to get the coffee grounds out but still reseal it. I was however rewarded by the slightly sweet and nutty aroma of the Hazelnut coffee, taking note of the chocolate undertones. Once the medium roast coffee was brewed, I noticed that the aroma actually mellowed out. The sweetness that I noticed when the aroma was emanating out of the bag seemed much more of a sultry quality. The flavor itself is mellow as well with of course the slight nuttiness you would expect from something that has a bit of Hazelnut in it. Something that I don't often bring up is the aftertaste. With this, there really isn't anything strong left in the back of your pallet but the almost chocolate tones of the Hazelnut dance for a bit on the tastebuds for a moment or two.

Entenmann's is a brand created by the White Coffee company which makes both coffees and teas. The other flavors that the Entenmann's brand offers is Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Donut. They do have a section where you can order their various products (such as Kahlua Coffee) online but due to the fact that they are still adding more things to their online shopping section, unfortunately the line of Entenmann's flavored coffees are not available. I suggest that the best way to find this particular one would be checking your favorite grocery store and see if they carry it. 

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