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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp – part 7

Having a chat with Rebecca about her work is always an adventure because even through the computer screen, I can get a sense of her giddy excitement and passion for what she does. The other day she had hyperly let me know that she had gone ahead and posted a new video and sent me the link, thanking me again for letting her run through my gallery. When she told me that the video this time around was themed with Trillium and Bleeding Hearts, I was curious as to which of my paintings she had decided to use since I have several where I have Bleeding Heart flowers in them. Unfortunately, at the time, the link she sent me wasn't working so I had to go ahead and send her a message letting her know. I was glad when she sent me a response letting me know that she was able to get it up and running.

"I'll be your..." by Dawn Star Wood

Waltz of Bleeding Heart is quite different from the other pieces she's done with my work included. This particular one had very much a Baroque feel to it. Perhaps a slightly similar comparison would be some of Giovanni Gabrieli's (1554-1612) work such as Canzo septimi toni or Toccata Settima by Michelangelo Rossi (1601-1656). Mind you, these two men have very different styles and I'm not saying that Rebecca's piece is exactly the same but there are tiny elements within her music that brings to mind different things I've listened to over the years. Hers, is of course, much gentler then Michelangelo's harpsichord pieces and not as brassy as Giovanni's since she has more strings but the mix of elements is there. There are also perhaps several other composers that would work in this mix but within the Baroque period itself, there were too many composers to count and all had beautiful work in their own right. 

It took me a moment for me to find my painting in my own gallery once I spotted it in the video but was finally able to locate it as being a small 4x6 inch watercolor I had done back in 2008 that I had titled I'll be your... . I had created it around Valentine's Day of that year and had dedicated it to all of my friends, family and viewers who couldn't be with the one they cared about the most due to various reasons. The painting was based off of a lovely photo titled Bleeding Heart Jewel by UffdaGreg.deviantart.com (United States).  

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