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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Destined for the Joint Forces

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine had been voted into organizing the Sacramento branch of The Friends and Family of the JFHQ-HHD (Joint Forces Headquarters). Talking things over with her, she was distressed over trying to figure out how to raise money for the group in order to help with little activities that help with families and friends of those in the service. It took both of us a bit of brainstorming different options when silly me blurted out 'art auction'. I'm not too sure what made me think it would even be a good idea but it was a surprise to me when she liked it and asked me if I could do something for it.

"(To Give) Flowers to Remember" by Dawn Star Wood
With my busy schedule, I never was able to get a chance to do any work on my donation. Days blend into months then earlier this week I realized that I needed to get something done before December 1 and panic ended up sinking in. It wasn't until Sunday night/Monday morning while I was starting to fall asleep when an idea finally struck me. So half asleep, I reached for my phone and wrote myself a series of notes of what my spark of inspiration gave me before it faded in my foggy mind. The next proceeding days was spent with me working on the small painting dedicated to remembering all of our veterans. Of course my scanner decided to make some of the colors a bit muddy looking or fading other sections making some of the details to be hard to see but in person, I'm really happy with how the painting came out considering I had to pull it off in about 3 days. 

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