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Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee Review: World Market - Texas Turtle ground coffee

I'm actually surprised that I'm doing a World Market brand of coffee for a Coffee Review but there is a reason behind it. I had gone to the store with my boyfriend to pick up a few snacks and I had originally wanted to get a package of Junior's Coffee since I hadn't had a chance to the last time I was there. Unfortunately I didn't see any there this time around so standing there scanning the various bags of coffee, my eyes were drawn to the 12 oz (340g) package of Texas Turtle Coffee. At $6.99, I figured that I would go ahead and try it out.

Unlike my last few Coffee Reviews where one of my biggest complaints is that the packaging was difficult to open and unable to be resealed, I am happy to say that this particular one is resealable! My eyes lit up and I gleed happily when I discovered this. Taking a deep breath in of the ground coffee, I could smell the chocolate and caramel that the package states that it would have but not the pecan. A little odd but I figured that perhaps I would be able to taste it once I have everything brewed. Here is where my adventure in coffee has taken a strange turn. I could still smell the mellow aroma of the chocolate and caramel and a faint nuttiness of the pecan but what was my first initial taste? Roses! For some reason I tasted roses! My mind was racing trying to figure out why my first few sips was giving me HUGE floral notes. Have my taste buds decided to freak out? Am I tasting things wrong and getting my flavors mixed up? Take another sip! Halfway through the cup I finally started tasting the nutty notes but the chocolate and caramel hints were barely even a hit on the taste chart. The nutty flavor doesn't even really remind me much of pecans but closer in the direction of hazelnut or something similar. The good thing is that it's not strong at all for those for not wanting a powerful tasting coffee, this might be something you could try. It also really does not have any fruity flavors which is also good to some of my readers who have addressed the fact they weren't fans of a fruity coffee.

Now the question is, would I say that this is a coffee that should have people go to their local World Market store to pick up? The price for the amount that you get fits within the price range that a lot of 12oz bags of ground coffee runs and the fact that it's resealable is great but the fact that the flavor of the coffee if completely misleading, I really can't out right say for people to go try it out. Perhaps it's just me and someone else would have a different opinion but the fact that the package says "rich creamy caramel laced with sweet and pecan flavors", my first tastes is more floral then anything and it takes me half a cup to finally taste some nuttiness but it doesn't taste as pecan? I just don't feel completely comfortable with suggesting for people to end up trying it. I'm not saying that it's a terrible blend but I suggest that if anyone is curious about it, don't think that it's going to taste like the turtle cookies that it supposedly was inspired by.

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