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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp - Part 2

In August I had let my readers know Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp that I had been contacted by a young composer and fellow artist out of Canada named Rebecca Tripp who had asked permission to use some of my pieces for music videos she was making to go with her music. Of course I had agreed and let her go ahead and use what she needed on the condition that she gives me credit for the paintings and that she send me the link to the YouTube video so that I can share it with my readers. So in August she excitedly sent me a message letting me know that the video was posted. After I had posted about the video, I didn't think much further on things since my life for the rest of the month became hectic. Then this afternoon while checking messages, I noticed that she had sent me a note:

Oh my god! Really? Another video? I HAVE to see what she's come up with” was my first initial thoughts when I clicked the [link] button. What ended up displaying on my screen was truly relaxing as her newest flower waltz played before my very eyes. Along with myself and Rebecca, the video is made up of the works of close to 70 artists from deviantART and other locations on the internet she painstakingly wrote to individually for permission to use their works for her videos.

"L_I_F_E" by Dawn Star Wood
I was actually surprised by which pieces of mine were in this video simply because I honestly completely forgot about them. This time around Rebecca used 2 of my older paintings from way back in 2007 for this beautiful montague of images set to her music. One of them was L_I_F_E which was based off of a photo by a friend of mine UrbanRural-Photo.deviantart.com (formally known as surrealeye on deviantart) who is up in the Seattle, Washington area. The photo itself was titled Reborn which he had taken earlier that year. 

"Lotus" by Dawn Star Wood
The second piece she used was Lotus which was also based off of a photo my friend THOM-B-FOTO (who you can see more of his work on his main website http://thom-b-foto.com/ ) had captured at a meditation garden somewhere in Sacramento, California. The photo itself was titled Sacred Lotus 10. Both of the paintings were some of my first watercolor pieces after I graduated college so were only 5x7 inches (meant to be for postcards). Of course since they are some of my older pieces, I keep seeing things that need to be fixed and the fact that my scanner at the time hated my guts probably didn't help matters. 

If you would like to see more from Rebecca and give her a message, here's where you can find her work:

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