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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp – part 3

It would seem that the talented Rebecca Tripp has struck again! While checking messages, I spotted her cheerful message nestled in my inbox letting me know that she had gotten another music video made with one of my paintings included. It has become a wonderful treat for me now to listen to her music while looking at the beautiful works by the other artists she had carefully chosen to include. I actually had to watch the video again because I totally forgot to look through to figure out which painting of mine she had decided to use. This time around the theme of the music was Garden Waltz – Dandelion Minuet. The list of artists she used was myself and 65 other individuals found on deviantART and various other locations on the internet. 

"Garden Bounty" by Dawn Star Wood 

The painting Rebecca decided to use this time around was a painting I did for Blue Moon Gallery back in 2009 that I had titled Garden Bounty. The basic idea of it's format was based off of my friend SoMK's piece 'Plates Duet' (for those who have been following my blog for a while now, I had included her in A common influence... maybe: IvanBilibin). The painting itself is a combination of at least 10 separate photo references with a splash of flare. It was actually one of my first paintings where I began using my tiny paintbrushes which I now use on a constant basis. 

You can find more from the wonderful Rebecca Tripp here:


  1. I just checked out "Plates Duet". Very lovely! Both pieces are equally lovely!

    1. LOL SoMK always has some beautiful work. One of these days I hope to have the money to buy one of her pieces of jewelry.