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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adventures in bookmarks

Rough draft concepts of bookmarks 
I think this is the most interesting little adventure I've ever had when creating and producing a group of bookmarks. It started off with showing my US Facebook followers a rough draft sketch of some designs I was thinking of doing for a Halloween/Dia de los Muertos theme. There was some interest into it, of course most of my male friends were going “Ooo boobs” but besides that I had a lot of people wanting to see what the designs would be like when I got the designs finalized. What surprised me was that one of my graphic design artist friends asked me for permission to use the rough draft as practice for him to “ink” by computer. Figured why not and told him to have fun before I busied myself with trying to figure out the colors I wanted to use for this series. 

Finalized colored designs
Once I had the final versions of the designs done, I posted them and opened up pre-orders which means those who place their orders before I get the group of bookmarks produce have secured their order. I was prepared for my male friends to pre-order for the set but what completely took me off guard when my female friends were the ones that kicked off the ordering spree. Really? I seriously did not see that one coming.

Final product 

It wasn't until I was able to get the first batch of bookmarks produced when I started seeing the guys start filter back in to place orders. It was obviously just one of those weeks but the fact that it seemed as if the men and women of Facebook were trading days of when they would be on.

"Dia de los Muertos" by Luc Grigg

Late on Sunday when my graphic design friend got back to me about what he had done to my rough draft. I had apologized to him when he first asked permission to play around with the sketches since I knew that they were a bit on the messy side. I really think he did a great job and look forward to seeing what colors he was going to choose later if he decides to color it in. Go ahead and check out his account LucGrigg.deviantart.com to see more of his line art

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