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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A common influence... maybe: Pietro Gonzaga

For those wondering how I come up with these different installments, I tend to brainstorm one what genre to do next while still working on a previous one. This way I can go ahead and find artists to ask, give them enough time to respond, and still have something else to post and share to my readers. So pretty much when I was getting the A common Influence... maybe: Denis Peterson organized, I was already looking into who to talk to for this one. So what did I decide to take a peek at? Something that I don't think gets enough notice though it is so important in so many works – architectural design. This is where I had the wacky idea of pulling from the dusty shadows of art history Mr. Pietro Gonzaga.

Theater set concept by Pietro Gonzaga
Pietro di Gottardo Gonzaga (1751-1831) is not an individual who well known now-a-days in either the arts or in architectural history but his skills made an impact in the performing arts, technical design and architecture. Pietro was actually an Italian theater set designer who did work in both Italy and for the Russian Empire. Highly detailed, his nearly realistic stage sets was seen as an art form in itself during his lifetime instead of mere pointless decoration. It wasn't until later in life that he attempted to become a practicing architect. Those who may actually know his name would be individuals who are fans of the Baroque and Rococo movements in art which were known for extravagant designs.  

I had a feeling that I was probably going out on a limb when I decided to find artists who may or may not be influenced by Pietro. What happens if they had never even heard of him? There was only one way to find out. Selecting 5 artists, I asked the question:

“I was curious if you were in some way influenced by the Italian architectural artist Pietro Gonzaga when you do your architectural pieces.”

"Istanbul" by takmaj
A talented young woman from Poland, Maja Wrońska is a traditional artist focusing in acrylics and watercolors. Though she does do abstract works which reminds me of some of the works created by Paul Klee, she has become more known for her beautiful architectural studies of various locations around Europe. I came across her gallery actually only a couple of months go and delight in seeing the various pieces she uploads. Her answer to the question didn't come to a surprise to me since I was prepared for it.

“No, I wasn't, to be honest I've just saw his works for the first time.” ~ Maja Wrońska

"Arrival" by Titus Lunter
Titus Lunter is a digital artist who focuses on mostly concept pieces for landscapes and technical city/building scenes that are more towards the science fiction and fantasy genres. Filled with dark and moody color schemes, his work seems to cause the viewer to begin to form stories in their minds to go along with each piece. Last month (August) he was able to reveal to his watchers and fans that he had been doing some work for the upcoming game Killzone Mercenary  telling his subscribers in a journal entry " As some of you may have seen already at GamesCom the project I've been working on for months has finally been announced meaning I can share it with you guys! Hope you enjoy it." Titus's response to my question was interesting over the fact that at least he was familiar with Pietro's work.

“ I haven't heard of him but I've seen some of his work in my art history books if I remember correctly. It's real interesting stuff. But no, no influence, maybe in the future tho. Cheers” ~Titus Lunter

"Venice" by GrimDreamArt

Formally known as Haunted Tower on deviantART, she took advantaged in dA's most recent option of being able to change your account name. A young traditional artist and graphic designer located in Poland, Evi's medium of choice is a combination of pen and watercolors. Though there is a hint of steam-punk and fantasy in some of her pieces, most of her work reflects her studies as a student from the Warsaw Faculty of Architecture. Beautiful technical studies of local buildings, her eye for detail can be seen with the fine lines and delicate shading of her pieces. I think I was most surprised by since she wasn't familiar to Pietro's work but it was obvious that she took the time to look up who I was talking about. 

"Such a shame, but I wasn't familiar with his works at all. However they're really worthy to see. I was rather influenced by Albrecht Durer (his "unfinished" sketches), Caspar David Friedrich and Piranesi." ~Evi

"Fire Escape II" by ctbehrens

ctbehrens.deviantart.com (California, USA)
Located in California, Chris proclaims himself as someone who has a “bicycle addiction”. A traditional artist who focuses on watercolors, his gallery shows his experimentation with various styles as he shares with his viewers his different interests. After appear that he hasn't been able to be on his account since last year so it made me think that it would be some time before he returns to the dA community, he was able to finally respond. 

"I don't know of him, Dawn, but will check him out. Thanks!" ~Chris

"Building" by Bhiggins1218
An acrylic artist from Ohio, Brendan seems to focus most of his subject matters on florals and local architectural icons. Bright, eye catching colors balanced with dark earthy tones, his paintings seem to strike a balance between realism and abstract points of view. Though it appear that he as well have not been on his account since 2011 so it may be a bit before he returns, I was pleasantly surprised when he was finally able to get back to me with his answer.

"I was mostly influenced by the lights and shadows on the building structure. I do not know much about the history of the building in Columbus, OH. I am more interested in older building from different time periods such as deco era. " ~Brendan 

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