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Thursday, September 27, 2012

September EGA Meeting recap

Even with my busy schedule, I have been finding myself looking forward to the monthly Elk Grove Artists Group (EGA) meetings. It gives me a chance to take a needed break from work, discuss things with fellow area artists and to perhaps learn something from the guest speaker that I might have never known. Thinking it over since my entry A night with the EGA that I decided that it would be a good idea to post a little recaps of the meetings I'm able to attend for those members who aren't able to attend and to let non-members know what's going on.

Last night at the start of the meeting we welcomed new member Ester Cheng into the group. New to the Elk Grove area and works in watercolor, acrylic, pastel and mixed media. Strangely enough, I have run into the delightful woman and her husband last month while I was attending Blue Moon Gallery's Second Saturday reception when they had come by after seeing my and several other fellow artists' work being shown at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center's Magnum Opus XXIII show. After welcoming her to the group, we also thanked Vice President Judy Knott for doing the 14th Annual Walk for The Arts to raise funds for the EGA. Judy thanked those who pledged donations but asks us for a bit more participation for next year's walk so that we can raise more donations in order to help the club. We also covered the fact that our Ist Annual Elk Grove Art Tour is coming up which consists of 10 locations and 27 artists which you can go meet between 10am and 5pm on Saturday September 29th (you can find the map here: http://elkgrovefineartscenter.org/Studio_Tour_2012.php ) . After going through club business, we ended it with a raffle drawing which was won by our Plublicity Officer Kelly Croisdale. Right now the raffle winners are entitled to hand or display, for one month, one piece of original work at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center. So congratulations to Kelly for winning for this month!

This month's guest speaker was the wonderful Dee Tschida who discussed her techniques for how she goes about her abstract paintings. Covering briefly the 4 painting skills briefly (technical skill, painterly skill, artistic skill, skill of expression), she started off showing the various tools and things she uses to put texture into her pieces before she begins painting. Showing such things as modeling past (which she explained has more substance then geso but suggests you should let dry for 24 hours before painting), her acrylic paint brands of choice (keeping the audience reminded that it's best to keep to a three color pallet to make sure that the colors don't clash), and primed canvas, she let everyone know that she would demonstrate what she does. Dee then went about showing a small slide show explaining how she had started her abstract painting career and how she got to the style she uses now. As a watercolorist who doesn't really use acrylics that often, let alone go towards the abstract genre, I was completely captivated and I have a feeling that others in the room were as well with some of the questions they asked.
Once the slide show part of Dee's presentation was over, she demonstrated her technique though had to remind us repeatedly that she would only be able to show the first couple of steps of what she does since there was the drying time she needed to consider. Patiently answering our questions and explaining things in a completely understandable way, the presentation was quite informative for those who aren't acrylic users and even those in the room who were discussed amongst themselves that they found out about things they hadn't known before. 

If you're interested in learning more about the EGA, go ahead and visit our official website:

Don't forget to check out the works of area artists at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center which is located in Old Town Elk Grove! 

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center
9080 Elk Grove Blvd. 
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 685-5992
Wednesday through Saturday - 11am - 4pm or by appointment 

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