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Monday, August 6, 2012

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp

Back in May, I was messaged on my deviantART account by a young composer out of Canada named Rebecca Tripp.

Checking out her YouTube channel and listened to several of her beautiful videos, finding that she specialized in flower waltzs. After a bit of chatting between us, I agreed and let her know that as soon as she got the video posted that I would share it so that she could have more people check it out. After 3 long month, she cheerfully sent me a message today letting me know that she finished the video that had a couple of my pieces along with several other artists. With the body of work for this, it was so appropriate that she put it with her piece "Waltzing Wildflowers".

She ended up using 2 paintings of mine for this particular video. The first one that shows up is Battus Philenor Hirsuta which I named due to the type of butterfly it is. Originally the painting was meant to be in a juried show that was put on by the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. The show was called "Painting where the Wild Things Are" where the subject matter had to be of the American River Parkway and its wild things. I had taken a trip down the American River on Easter to take photo references. It took several days of studying the pictures I had taken to see what I wanted to do. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the butterfly I was trying to capture while it was fluttering around actually came out relatively nice. As I was working on the painting, I had no idea what on earth the type of butterfly it was so looked up 'Butterflies of Northern California' and spotted a picture of it. Come to find out that they are native to the mountain canyons of the area which baffles my mind a bit since where I was, was in the central valley. Pretty interesting.

The second painting she used for the video was an older piece of mine (painted back in 2009) titled Burst of Pink. It too was based off of a photo I had taken but this was actually when I was wandering a neighborhood in Elk Grove. Had come across one house whose front yard had an entire section nearly spilling over with these pinkish-purple daisy like flowers. I forgot how many photos I took of them, all at various angles but for some reason I happened to like how this particular one looked so went with it.

If you would like to see more from Rebecca and give her a message, here's where you can find her work:
deviantART: http://rebeccatripp.deviantart.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RebeccaETripp

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