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Saturday, April 14, 2012

SADS actually exists?

Last night I had the goal of sleeping in and getting some much needed rest. Of course plans are always much simpler in thought then action. My day started with being woken up at 8 in the morning with the sounds of my neighbor across the street from me using a chain saw on the tree in their front yard. This was followed with receiving a call from my folks in concerns to some important family matters. By that time, I was pretty well convinced that my day had been shot to hell . So I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying a low key evening at Blue Moon Gallery for our artist reception (this month's featured artist is Justin Grunewald) and while chatting with one of my friends who is a fellow artist and the subject of a non-profit society that she belongs to. Has anyone ever heard of the Sacramento Art Deco Society? Surprised? So was I. Yes, it exists and I spent a good 15 minutes finding out from my friend about some of the various things they've done such as visiting the Crest and Tower Theaters in Sacramento for events. My friend had made the comment that she was surprised that not that many people in the area had even heard of their group so i had offered that I would go ahead and give it a spot light. Go ahead and check the Sacramento Art Deco Society out if you're interested and in the Sacramento area. She did mention that they're in the process of creating a brand shiny new website soon.


  1. I have totally heard of them. I've seen their named dropped here and there, but most recent was a display in the lobby at the Central Library downtown. Very interesting. I wouldnt mind hearing some more of what they're all about.

    1. I linked their old website in their name. My friend was telling me about some of the little art show's they've done along with gatherings, social functions and other such things. It's always fun seeing her and her husband on the way to or from one of their events because they're always dressed in 30s style or vintage outfits. But yeah I'll keep an ear out for what they may be up to and I'll keep you posted.