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Friday, April 6, 2012

Google search fail

I'm blaming my post from yesterday: Flowers on the Brain for this. Currently brewing up a fresh pot of coffee while I get myself ready to return to the pile of work I have going on when the notion of jasmine coffee came back to mind. So what am I doing? Decided to do a Google search and what do I find? [insert drumroll here] Jasmine's Coffee and Tea Cafe (located in Colorado Springs, Colorado) facebook page being the number 1 post listed! Not what I was looking for but I have to admit I'm heavily tempted to go on a road trip to Colorado to try out this place. On a different note, the second item on the list ended up being a type of sandal followed up by Jasmin's Cafe in Union Square - San Francisco. Not quite what I'm looking for but good try Google. Good try.

Figured that perhaps maybe the thought of jasmine coffee would be tied with jasmine tea so changed my search to the tea instead. Oh. My. God. They have so many postings for jasmine tea of all kinds! Wikipedia entries and dozens of company entries showing off their available teas. Is coffee even listed? "Of course not, you silly woman. You searched for 'jasmine tea'" the page seems to say to me. Oh the grumbling that is going on at this very moment as I sip my coffee.

I really should get back to work before this search takes up my entire day but I want to see if there is even a jasmine coffee out there. Or some sort of version there of. My curiosity needs to be fed! Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone?

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