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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dubstep, strings and work

I always seem to find the strangest (and usually most inspirational) things when I'm wandering the net trying to find something for work. One such occurrence is just now while I was looking for new music to listen to while working, I had decided to check out Dubstep because hell why not and came across this. This is violinist Lindsey Stirling who I have never come across before (who I later discovered competed on America's Got Talent) playing with a bit of Dubstep in the background. I actually found myself being a bit inspired and even perhaps a little energized by listening to this particular piece. What's nice is that at the end of the video she introduces herself and explains where she was along with giving credit to those who helped in creating the video. Honestly I wouldn't mind buying an album of the combined music styles so I guess it's something I should look into.

I'm suddenly reminded while I'm watching this of a pair of gentlemen who go by the name of The Piano Guys who do instrumental covers (mainly on cello) of songs by popular groups such as One Republic. One such piece is actually called Beethoven's 5 Secrets. Another group who has done something similar is Apocalyptica who puts a twist to classical cello music by tossing it in with heavy metal so it is fairly common to videos of them doing covers of Metalica songs or being paired up with singer Nina Hagen. I know that there are other groups that have done mixes of classical with techno or heavy metal but none of the ones I know are coming to my head at the moment. Oh well at least it looks like I have something new to listen to.

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