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Monday, April 23, 2012

An Artist's Morning Disappointment

Re-listening to TGS Podcast episode 6 (that I've had listened to many times before and have made a playlist of all of their episodes so far) and at some point TotalBiscuit mentions that the Smithsonian was featuring the history of video games. I'm not sure why but it struck me this morning that I haven't been to smithsonianmag.com in a while and had the desire to see what was new. Wandering my way onto the website, I made my way to the Arts & Culture section. Scrolling through, I did discovered articles such as Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield and The Essentials: Video Games  along with articles on subjects that I'm not really interested in when I came across one that sparked my curiosity. My eyes were instantly drawn to Sanjay Patel: A Hipster's Guide to Hinduism not just because of the bright and colorful picture that they used at the beginning of this bit of writing but the fact 'Hinduism' was in the title.  Yes yes I know. The way my brain ends up zooming in on anything dealing with Eastern cultured disturbs me as well but I'm not complaining.

Reading through the writings speaking about artist Sanjay Patel, I was fascinated and internally cheering over the fact that a fellow artist within my age grouping was able to feature their art in a museum let alone San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. Of course at the same time I was a bit jealous and reminding myself that I need to work even harder on my own work. Pushing my own inner disappointment over myself, I was struck with one though: Why have I never heard of this man's art being on exhibit?? Glancing my way to the beginning of the article, I discover my answer. It was posted back in December 2011. Well that explains a lot. Decided to go ahead and check out the museum's website and was initially thrilled to see that the their front page had the exhibit listed as 'the last weeks of the show'. "Yes! I might be able to get a chance to get down there by the end of the month so I can check it out" I thought to myself as I clicked on it to see how much longer the show would last only to have my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach or lower. There, displayed on the screen, was the dates November 11, 2011 - April 22, 2012. I missed it. I was down in the area on Saturday. Didn't know about it. And missed it. Damn my luck! Well there's always the article Deities, Demons, and Dudes with 'Staches: Indian Avatars by Sanjay Patel  that the website has to read. Still disappointed that I missed a chance to see Patel's work in person.

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