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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Kinkos Chronicles - part 3

It has been a while since I've been at Kinkos so that's the reason for the delay in my adventures there.

April 27, 2012
My time there started off like any other visit to kinkos when I'm dead tired from the wave of deadlines that are rushing to drown me: Say hi to the crew that's working there, place my order, nearly fall asleep leaning on the counter while waiting for things to print.. you know, the usual stuff. Once I had my order printed out, I was at the cutter trimming out bookmarks. I may have been there a good 25 minutes quietly working when a woman and her friend come into the store and look around before spotting me. This is where I would like to let you know that my outfit at the time consisted of beat up old military issue camouflage cargo pants with white pant splotches all over the place from a project I had done last year, layered purple tank tops, large earrings, multiple necklaces, and a pair of flip flops. Not exactly the most professional if you're trying to work in a field other then art but hey I happen to enjoy dressing comfortably when doing menial tasks when it comes to my work. This woman looks at me standing there working on trimming stuff, wearing what I was and the first thing out of her mouth was "You don't happen to work here do you?" Wait, HUH?! Do I look like I would be able to get away with working at Kinkos and not being in slacks and a polo shirt with an apron?

After a mass of mayhem dealing with the truck (it died on the way home and we had to get it towed to a friend's shop), during which I get a call from Kinkos saying that my order was done being laminated, I was able to return in the evening only to find that I had to wait for the cutter since there was another woman trying to trim her things out. Cutting off the excess plastic so that I had less to worry about while trimming, one of the employees comes up with another customer explaining to her that it was first come- first served when it comes to the only cutter in the store. Come to find out, newest person waiting for use of the cutter was a rather attractive black woman who needed to trim her calendar pictures so they were ready for sale that evening at an event. Yes I was staring at a slender, big bootied woman probably a few years younger then me who was a professional model. Honestly her pictures reminded me of the photos and art taken/done by Armando Huerta. It's too bad she was in such a rush so I wasn't able to get her name and give her a little publicity as well.

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