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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Patience with Paper

papercut by Sarah Trumbauer

Since I have been so busy as of late, I decided to look back through some previous posts that were shared by My Modern Met, a website which features the art of various artists around the world. One small article that caught my attention was titled Enchantingly Intricate Papercuts Inspired by Fairy Tales, featuring the work of paper artist Sarah Trumbauer. Jianzhi, or commonly known as Chinese paper cutting, has been around since the Eastern Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). The practice of carefully cutting intricate designs into paper was adopted by surrounding countries by way of trade routes and each location used their own imagery. The art itself takes time, patience and a steady hand in order not to inadvertently cut something incorrectly and have to start from the beginning. While looking through the article at Sarah's beautiful pieces of carefully cut work, I remembered that recently I have come across other paper artists on deviantART.

"Stencil' by Kristappeniers
A traditional artists from Belgium, Kris does have some paintings and drawings within his gallery but perhaps the most eye catching of his works are his papercut pieces such as Papercut25 which is based off of Hepburn and Papercut21 that is based off of a client's portrait. Many of his pieces are large scale, perhaps at least 26 x 32 inches in size, which he often paints black with acrylic paint. 

'papercutout' by ikarusmedia

Mostly a digital artist, Rafael SaldaƱa does have a few traditional pieces on display which include papercrafts such as his piece rilakkuma black metal-rocks. With a balance if intricate angles and simplistic designs, it seems only appropriate that he does have at least one papercut piece in his collection of pieces.

'light stencil' by OftenSaid

An anonymous artist who seems to specialize in papercut pieces, their works range in subject matter from organic curves such as those found in their Large Scale Papercut to abstract angled designs like those in Weathering the Storm.

'Night Before Christmas pop up' by Himmapaan
Himmapaan.deviantart.com (United Kingdom)
Illustrator and traditional artist from the UK, Niroot P takes papercut to a whole new level by creating pop up story books and cards which are just as breath taking as their illustrated works.  

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