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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Blank Paper Inspiration

I have a tendency of accepting unfinished art supplies from friends who are cleaning out their own supplies. Usually it's unfinished paper for either pencil or watercolors, random tubes of paint, or tools they no longer need. Basically odds and ends that I could always use for smaller projects but it's not enough for the original owner to do anything with or they've decided they no longer have the room for the items. In a way, it helps me out since I don't always have the ability to purchase supplies but trying to keep things organized does get rather creative. It usually results in having random bags scattered around and having to figure out what items are where. 

While looking through a recently acquired bag of random items from a friend, I discovered that it contained a pack of blank Artist Cards, mini envelops and bits of one-off cuts of paper. Considering the time of the evening that I was looking through things, I was struck by a random bit of inspiration. Off and on for a couple of evenings, I ended up creating little illustrations that ended up being my interpretations of priestesses for the various elements. However, I felt that there was something missing. After a bit of thought, I realized that my solution was creating prayers for each one.  

Prayer of Light
I pray for the blessing of Light
May the fire within me never die out. 
Let me kindle the flame of passion & strength within others. 
May I be reminded that even in darkness that the
tiniest flicker glows bright. 

Prayer of Earth
May I receive the blessing of Earth
I pray to learn how to nourish myself. 
Teach me that even with death, there is life.
May I find balance between myself and the world

Prayer of Air
I pray for the blessing of Air
Allow the perfumed clouds from my offering be accepted. 
Teach me to hear the song around my being. 
May my voice, no matter how soft a whisper, be heard. 

Prayer of Water
May I be blessed by Water.
Allow my thirst be satisfied. 
May I be cleansed by the rain that washed over me.
Teach me how to ride through the storm & arrive safely
on the other side. 

Prayer of Spirit
I pray for the blessing of the Spirit
Teach me how to listen to the guide within myself.
Help me understand the strength I have inside. 
Remind me to take time to enjoy the whimsy of the 
magic around me I once saw through the eyes of a child.

I was really happy with the end results of the little project. Of course I realized after I had finished the last image in the group (Spirit) that the colors that I used for the priestesses did not correlate with the standard and widely accepted element-to-color pairings. For the wiccan/pagan community, the element-color pairings are usually:
  • Water - Blue
  • Fire - Red
  • Air - Yellow
  • Earth - Green or Black
  • Spirit - White
Where as if you go the Eastern direction, the element-color pairings are: 
  • Fire - Red
  • Water - Blue or Black
  • Wood - Green 
  • Earth - Yellow
  • Metal - White or Silver
As you can tell, after realizing that I didn't go the standard route for the combinations, I went ahead and accepted that these were my interpretations. Honestly, I went with what was best for the image and the feeling I wanted to bring forth from them. So, even though they aren't the standard things, I'm actually very happy that I went with my gut on them. 

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